7 tips to loose money in Stock market

Tips for Disaster
1. If a stock is in limelight and rises a lot and keep rising in front of your eyes , jump into it and buy them .
2. If you have small losses , try to be emotional and never accept that your decision was wrong .
3. Sell as soon as you start making profits and keep the stock with you which start loosing.
4. Treat a stock like your relative , be emotional with it .
5. Don’t see other factors like Economic , political and global situation , say to yourself that they don’t matter.
6. Try to beat the market and think yourself as supreme.
7. Put 100% of your money in trade at a time .
8. Put tight Stop losses when markets are volatile . 
This article teaches you how to loose your money in stock markets.
Disclaimer : There is no Guarantee that your will loose money using this steps . Take these asrecommendation only .

Source: jagoinvestor.com
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