Being Blind

First of all soory to Salman Khan for using the first word of his registered trade mark as my post title. Hope he won't mind this. :) :) Definately our post is not going go about Salman Khan or his registered trademark as always its about the stock markets.

As we all know this is stock market and we are here for what? to earn........ (hope everyone is for that only) what we have to do for earning we have to buy low and sell high.............for buying we can try   tips of tv experts, we can buy on tips given in newspaper or magazines, or we can follow any good blog or stock analyst and use his tips for buying or we can buy on news and last one we can buy and sell after undertaking analysis at our own levels.

Out of the all methods given the last method is the most important one as per me because even if we buy on the recommendations of others we should atleast know what are we buying. The point that I am trying to point out here is that before we buy a share we should know why are we buying this stock? Infact you should write it down why am I buying this stock? What is my target? What is my stop loss? Have I bought it for short term or long term? When will I book profits? When will I sell it? You should be clear in all aspects before putting your money in any stock. For the question "Why am I buying this stock"? Definately your answer should not be "because it was recommended by Mr. ABC. All the stocks given by ABC are good so this one would also be great. He is expert so I am buying his calls?

All reasons of this sort should be avoided. We should use the calls given by others, the views of others as a basis of undertaking our own analyis. Now you may say I don't know how to undertake analysis well if you don't know you have to learn it because no one was born a stock analyst everyone was once at your level. All the experts in their field didn't knew anything about their respective fields but they learnt it. If they can you can. If you havn't started to learn yet start now, because you are here to be a leader not a follower a leader will always use his own analysis to buy a stock and will never follow others blindly.

In short the objective of this post is to make you start learning yourself because anyone can be wrong there is no one who has a 100% success rate in the stock markets. So its your duty to filter the advices pouring on you from all directions, undertake your own analyis and choose the best out of them. Don't believe on anyone blindly, listen to everyone believe yourself, do what your instincs ask you to do. If you do that you will emerge as your own boss, you will emerge as a king of the markets and you will enjoy BEING STOCK KING and not BEING BLIND.

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Regards and Happy Investing
Abhishek Ninaniya
The Stock King

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ravi khanal
November 13, 2014 at 9:09 PM delete

Great Write Up stock king !! :)

sumit rocks
November 14, 2014 at 1:21 PM delete

Great bro I will start learning today itself with you (mean to say wid your blog) and after i will make my own portfolio by my way....