Rules for your success

Here are few simple yet powerful rules that you must follow to ensure your success in the markets. These are too simple to follow but i can guranttee that 95% of investors don't follow them and these are the the ones who loose money and the 5% who follow them are the ones who make 95% of the money:

1) Maximum 10% of your total capital in any particular scrip: Never put more than 10% of your total trading capital in any particular scrip in order to enusre that in any case your total capital is not much affected by the crash in any scrip becasue this is stock market you don't know what's next, what seems a jackpot at one moment can turn into a nightmare the next day.

2) Invest your own capital: In the stock market invest only if you are able to save money after making meeting your routine expenditure, if you have a urgent need of money in near future then prefer to stay away from this market and never ever dare to invest borrowed capital here

3) Stop loss: Don't dare to hold any postion without a strict exit trigger rember what i say if you are hodling a stock without a stop loss then you are digging your grave. CLICK HERE before procceding further

4) Patience is the key: If you are here to become billionaire overnight then sorry my friend you are at a wrong place fortunes are made in the market by long term patience and discipline............yes their will be scrips where we can mint upto................. CLICK HERE to read full
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