My 70:30 way to success

In this 70:30 way, what we will be doing is that we will put 70% of our total trading capital in high quality fundamental stocks and the other 30% will go for fast paced short term technical trading. By using this approach we will get benefits from both approaches medium- long term value investing & short term technical trade................ the 70% part will constitute 7 stocks with great fundamentals and the 30% will constitute of 3-5 stocks for short term which will be entered with strict stop loss.............. for the 70% protion i have given 3 stocks namely........ Relaxo footwearspanasonic carbon and Kwality (diary) Ltd. Will be coming up with more good fundamental stocks for you people stay tuned................... plus if you have any stock which you feel deserves to be here or you have any views on the ones which I have given feel free to comment here

regards and happy investing to all friends
abhishek ninaniya
the stock king
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Aseem Joshi
January 21, 2015 at 1:00 AM delete

Abhishek bro,

This is the question that I had asked you or Suggest the stocks with very high fundamentals in which I can put my 70% of money and you say to refer the blog.

Whereas I have seen that the calls suggested in the blog are all for the short or medium term.

Kindly suggest 3 stocks with very high Fundamentals.