Messaging Boards Exposed

Attend any trading messaging board where traders are actively communicating with each other
look at the behaviour of the people their "I have 200 shares of ABC what to do" "I want to cover my loss in 1 week help me." "give me penny stocks" this is how loosers behave................... they keep watching the board of their share regularly and if there is a single negative comment from any boarder they get worried asking them what to do moving to different boarders "what to do sir what to sir?" and guess what the one who is answering is also a part of the crowd he throws away anything at random and you follow him and you already know what the result is loss, loss and loss every other time and yet you keep repeating the same................... and if you keep yourself sorrounded by the loosers virtually or actually over the time you will also become a part of the loosers.............. the loosers which havn't done anything great till date, the loosers who haven't created anything of value, the loosers which are ameteur beginners yet try to show themselves as the biggest experts in the field.............. do you want to become like that? if not then i have a solution stop going to that place. now.................................... you might say some of them are experts give great calls there is a game in that too, the game is that they buy a stock themselves and then give you the call means the objective is to get the price hike by making you purchase the share ...............................anyways if you still feel someone is really great out there be specific don't hunt for any more of them copy link to his profile and paste it on your desktop just read his post and no need to read post of anyone else no comments no thankyou no add me and comments too should be read just one time and the end of the day no waste of time all day at that looser spot..................... those are the place for loosers and instead of believing anyone or me blindly undertake your analysis at your level if you don't know start learning it now by books checking articles or learning material or anything else................... but stay away from that place, I too was at that place once upon a time and it was after i left that place that i started learning myself and applying i become what i am today............................ so if you want to be someone great you too need to do what the best people around are doing the best traders are not out there so stay away from that place make a decsion and say to yourself today "I want to be a successful trader, i will become my own boss , i want to lead a wonderful life so i will stay away from those loosers from now ownwards". you haven't got anything great till now by being there till now........................ try something else try doing it yourself the skill to success is learnable

Don't be like them

they might say it has gone too up i will go short from here............... guess what it moves up

In Market Wizards, Jack Schwager interviews some of the world's most successful traders in search of a commonality that can lead to success for others. His conclusion after the interviews:

"What set these traders apart? Most people think that winning in the market has something to do with finding the secret formula. The truth is that any common denominator among the trader I interviewed had more to do with ATTITUDE and APPROACH"

and none of the successful trader have ever been part of these looser spots. So if you want to be successful start doing what the successful person in your field are doing right now.

Don't be like the loosers
You are different
You were born to win
design to amaze
Living a great life is your right

Let's do something which you havn't done till now and get what you havn't got till now.

regards and happy investing
abhishek ninaniya
the stock king

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I completely agree with you Abhi.. When I started to realized about myself and sit to recollect what and how I did trading so far gave me this answer. The wave or on going force of the crowd pulled me down and my mind lost the control results the losses.

When I started to believe the physology and mind power, it took almost U turn. Now a days even when few of my stocks going down, I am not getting tension because of my conviction and believe of few funda/tech considerations.

Thanks a lot. You are one among the person who fuels this. Thanks again!