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Charlie Jones once said "you will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read". In others words what he wanted to say was that the only 2 things that can change you are books read by you and new people you meet (not your all time friends), I totally agree with it I was "you" once and the point when I started changing my life was when I read my first book  How I Made $ 2,000,000 in the Stock Market by Nicolas Darvas , after I read it something happened within me and that day I decided if this man can turn his $10,000 in $2,000,000 within 18 months then why can't I? he was no better than me and that was the point when my life started to change since then I have read many books and each one has a unique experience to offer. You can check my all time favourites in  books to read section of our blog.

Before proceeding further let me tell you a short story of my school days, I have done my schooling from a Govt. school so we use to have inspections by higher authorities every year so as to check the discipline in our school. Once a new officer came he asked the school authorities to give a list of students showing records regarding submission of assignments then he pointed out the ones who didn't submitted assignments on time and then asked teacher to check their performance in exams surprisingly these were the students who were performing worst in the exams. 

The point I want to put with this story is that last week while going through an article in one of the magazine I found that 88% of the stock market investors have never read even a single book on stock market investing, other 5% started read 20-30 pages and left ......... and not to our surprise if we could check their report card as it was done in my school we will find that these are the 93% performing worst in the stock markets This directly coincides with the story I just told to you. So my advice is that instead of learning by making mistakes yourself  learn from the mistakes made by others in the field if you pick the story of any successful trader he was you once ........... he tried failed tried again failed tried again failed and finally succeeded. He succeeded because he was learning from his mistakes and it took those successful person blood, sweat and tears to learn that all, if you could learn the same without these you would be in much a better position that's how smart worker do they learn from the mistakes done by others on the other hand hard-workers make mistakes themselves and learn from them. So my advice to each one of you here is to become smart-workers not hard workers. And if you havn't read any book so far then now is the time to start it every person has a first time once and your first time is now and the one which I have discussed here is available at amazon for less than Rs. 250 get it and start reading it now. CLICK HERE to check it now I can bet you are going to love it....................Start learning the art of earning now.............. because you deserve to do a lot better, you deserve to live a fantastic life.


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Regards and Happy Investing 
Abhishek Ninaniya
The Stock King

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I cant agree more buddy. Bingo.

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:) Happy investing bro. hav a great day ahead :) :)

Satish Kumar
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Good book. I started reading.

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You have chosen to be a leader bro and to rise above the crowd. Go for great