Discipline vs. Self-Discipline

As you know The Stock King is really good at storytelling, so let’s begin this one too with a small story. There were 3 friends in a school A, B & C (I wish I could think of better names), A on one hand was hardworking and he had clear-cut goals in mind that he needs to get in a big mnc and earn good money to support his family, he used to complete his assignments on time, come to school on time and work hard to get good marks, while B and C were bit different they used to take everything casually in fun and they used to say we will do it someday, we will make it somehow, we have a lot of time and so on so……..  time flew on wings and they reached 12th standard. In  12th Standard what happened was that A who was sincere got  good grades and he got admission in a good reputed college, while B got admission in a local private college, while C failed the exam and things changed but what didn’t changed was the attitude of three……………………… A kept on working hard in his  college, B kept on careless attitude in his new college and C left his education and started looking for small jobs. Meanwhile, 3 more years passed away and A, B completed their graduation and C was working in a local factory. A got placed in a reputed mnc for a good salary, B on the other hand didn’t get any campus placement and started searching for jobs tried to sit in many interviews but got rejected
And on one Sunday morning he met A, both were happy to meet each other but something was changed between the two A on one side was on a good post and earning good salary it was being reflected in his lifestyle while B was still on the streets searching for jobs, but after meeting A something went within B and he decided within himself this is what I want and this is what I am going to do and then he called and asked A what made him reach to that level and how he noted it down and did what he was told he went some coaching classes to study, spent time on improving his skills, reading newspapers and so on. Then he sat for a job interview but got rejected, he appeared for more and more interview but result was same but he has decided that this was what he was going to do and he has a desire within him to reach to that level so he kept on giving more and more interview and worked day and night to get it done. With time his fear of getting rejected in the interview has gone away so in the next few interviews he answered all the questions boldly and he cleared one and got placed in a good company at a handsome package. While C still was not able to do anything he tried to do get some small jobs, but the work didn’t suited him, tried working in small shops but there to he was not happy and he was so much frustrated with his life that one day he decided to quit and committed a suicide and that was the end of him.

The thing I want you to focus here is that A choose the straight and easy way to success as he was working from the very beginning, B choose the hard way to success and C didn’t choose a way at all  and he quit.  Same is the with the stock market either u can choose the easy way now and follow what the successful people in your field are asking you to do based on their experience, or u can follow B’s path to loose and then follow the discipline  i.e. to learn by committing your own mistake and giving a big part of your capital to the market for this learning and I’m sure no one want to follow c ways he didn’t tried at all. 

While A followed the discipline from his early he got success easily, B got it by getting beaten up by circumstances while C didn’t got it all because he quit before it was over , he was the biggest looser amongst all. Now the decision is yours either get disciplined and start learning yourself  now or no one can come to your rescue because I have never seen anyone making money in market by subscribing to tips or by following advice of tv experts. Everyone who made it in the market was self-made self-taught and self-experienced. And that’s what I want you to do right now. Start learning it now or the circumstances and market you learn. And you will have only to options either or learn with pressure upon you or to quit.

Jim Rohn was correct when he said "Dreams get you started............ discipline keeps you going" You have a dream to make big money so  you are in the markets now what you need is discipline so that you keep going towards the fulfilment of your dreams, and no one has ever made here without discipline and with the hit and run strategy most of us are trying to follow now. So now is the time to start the amazing journey to win the street becuace each one of us deserves a better life and we all were born to win.

I am not saying its going to be easy but its going to be worth the effort. click here to check out my way to make you learn it all yourself now.

Hope you will start learning the art of earning right now, because the "one day" in "I will learn it one day" or the "some day" in "I will learn it some day" never comes. Now is the time. The best time to learn it all was 1 year ago and the second best time is now. Go for great!

Best of luck to you all in the journey you are just about to begin!

Abhishek Ninaniya
The Stock King

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