Being Selective

When it comes to being a successful stock market trader, our state of mind is what affects our trading decisons most and the most important factor that affects our state of mind is media.
Remember few days back when nifty and sensex were making high after highs then media reports where showing see sensex 1,00,000.......... Its the mother of all bull run, brokerage house giving nifty's target of 15,000-20,000 with all beautiful reason to believe on them................ perfectly fine even I am super bull on the markets and I have given a target of 10,500 by March 2015 for nifty and I remain intact to that despite of the market corrections but the same is not true with financial media when markets are running up they show positive reports and when it starts minute correction they come up with reports and attractive questions like- Are Indian Market Overvalued? Big Correction Ahead?..............and so on............ Oh god you are the same people who were taking sensex to 1,00,000 now how the hell can you say markets are overvalued. 

Now you might be thinking why I am telling all this to you......... my attempt here is to make you take a decison "To Be Selective". Selective in what you watch, what you read and what you hear. Limit your reading and watching habits to what matters to you most and whats important to you............... kick of everything else.............. "A senior citizen murdered in Delhi", "13 shops robbed by dacoits", "women gang raped in Mumbai" etc. is on no use to us and we should immediately change the tv channel whenever such bull shit is running on it.............. the main objective of most of the tv serials and news these days is to inject negativity in our minds. When price of diesel rise by Re. 1 they come up with report "diesel price hiked so transportation cost increase and as a result everything costly and rise in inflation. Now, recently price of Diesel has been dropped by Rs. 3.50 have you seen any of tv channels saying price of diesel dropped so cheaper transportation cost hence no inflation.......... they are not going to say that because their objective is to create outrage and negativity in the society.
Consiously or sub-consiously your state of mind is impacted by these media reports and they create sleepless nights for you because when you sleep these are things which go in your mind.......... and this is the mind which have to create trading decsions next morning, you may be having a good scrip to take position before you but just because yesterday you saw a report that Indian markets are overvalued you may not enter in that and even sell off your  holdings which you know are good but because you saw someone saying on TV the other day that a big correction is due................... and a week later you will find the scrip you sold trading 20 or 30% higher....... It was sure to happen because you belived in someone who did not deserve that.

So here is what I want to convey to you avoid watching news, yes avoid it whats important for you will come to you yourself, if you don't believe me give it a try........... for 2 weeks don't watch any news or read any newspaper still you will have all the information thats useful for you, tv serials should be avoided by stock investors- that's not a men thing , whats app- is one of the biggest enemy in our development which keep ourself tied in useless conversations which have no meaning and from which we have never got anything till date and I can give you in writing you will never gget anything in future from those useless things in future also ............ I stopped using whats app way back and that was the point from where my journey to success started........... because by kicking it off you will have a lot of time which you can to read good books, doing stock analysis or anything that you love to do , selected motivational articles of successful person can be read by you................. and lastly don't watch the reco given by TV Pundits............ their success ratio is less than 10% and they do it intentionally.................. their objective most of the time is to get high exit price for their HNI clients

Hope I was able to express myself to you. No News, No Serials, No Whats Apps, No TV Pundits= a relaxed state of mind= better trading decisions= success in the markets

Happy investing

Abhishek Ninaniya
The Stock King
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Nirav Karia
October 24, 2014 at 6:52 AM delete

Really true. First of all really thank u for this wonderful blog and wish u a very happy new year. Abhishek I just want to ask u whether I should join ur fb group or continue to follow ur blog. The reason is that here hopes m not missing anything which is discussed at fb grp. Thanks

October 24, 2014 at 9:15 AM delete

You can keep following me here everything important will be updated here, for queries u can reach me through comments or contact form, I will be happy to answer them. Regards and happy investing

October 24, 2014 at 9:45 AM delete

Dear Abhishek ,

With warm regards
Vakharia Mahesh

October 24, 2014 at 9:47 AM delete

Same to u as well bro............