Always Thinking Markets

As you sit there and read the title of this article you must be thinking thats what I do………….. I always think markets. But he main question is what you think about the markets. If your thinking is making you get worried about the losses you are making in the stock market then you are using your thinking power against you, as I always say to all friends who come to me saying that “I want to cover my losses” that my friends your focus should not be on covering losses but your focus should be increasing your gains, If you will focus on covering your losses you are playing defensive and what you are going to come up with are losses, losses and losses. So, instead of covering your losses you should think about the increasing your gains. When a new investor comes to the stock market his prime foucs is on not making losses and that the reason he keep on making more and more losses he sells up his holding even if the price comes down by 5%, and you know a 5% correction means nothing in the stock market. On the other hand, when the prices go up by 3%, he books his gains immediately in a fear that they come down once again………….. and its already given your chances to win here are less than your chances to loose, so the investors ends up making more and more losses.
In order to use your thinking as a tool for you if you are coming up with negative thoughts that “I may make losses”, “I may loose”, “I need to cover my losses”, you should think “I will make profits”, “I will Win”, “I will increase my capital many folds” because in this way you are focussing on gains not on loss and hence what you will get are more ways and reasons to get that gain…………… This sort of positive thinking keeps you motivated even when the markets are down and will encourage you to learn new stuffs. If the market is not working as you wish then you should turn off the computer system and give yourself a break because in such a situation your negative thoughts emerge and they may make you take decisions which you may little regret and most important of all we all should take out time for our friends and families to mix up with because those are the ones for whom we are working so hard……………. If we loose them in attempt to win the markets then that success will of no importance, and the best time to spend out with family and friends or watching a movie or listening to your favourite songs is when the market isn’t working good for you because you know the act of yours to get nervous and worried by looking at the computer screen can’t change the price even by a point so why waste our time in front of that idioit box what matters to us are the end of day price, that we can check at the close of market, so get out and enjoy this will save you from the worries and tensions of some tough trading days………………..
So from now ownwards Either Think about The Markets Positively or Don’t Think about It All!

Happy Investing
Abhishek NInaniya

The Stock KIng

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Rightly said sir.

Ilango K
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Good stuff for those repeatedly asking you tips to cover losses..great..

ravi khanal
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very aptly said ... thank you